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31 ~ 365: Blue Sky!

This afternoon while watching the clouds roll in and out (from my studio, yes I have to work today!) I caught some fantastic images of the sun coming in and out from behind the clouds.  Hope you enjoy!


30 ~ 365: Another Gray Day in the Gorge

29 ~ 365: Stacks of Red for Valentine’s

If you saw my post from day 27, you know I’m working on a project for a gallery show, ‘Red’, opening in February.  I’ve made another bowl to replace the one that failed, which is in the kiln now.  It’s what I really want to turn in, so hopefully I’ve compensated for the reasons of failure and it’ll behave in the kiln turning out the way I want this time.  I almost always have a ‘Plan B’ for gallery shows so today’s photo is about Plan B.  It’s a stack of 1″ squares cut, cleaned and ready to be arranged into a sushi plate.

After arranging it a couple times, this is the design I’m keeping.  I have smaller squares of silver dichroic (a metallic coating on glass) that I’ll arrange prior to firing, then slump it into a sushi plate mold.

28 ~ 365: Still Winter – Gray Skies, No Leaves

27 ~ 365: Failure in the Final Firing.


It would’ve been so cool.

26 ~ 365: Practicing Depth of Field

Fun new multi-colored hand cast glass hearts!

25 ~ 365: Guess

Have a little fun…guess what this is…go ahead I dare you!  The first person to guess correctly in the blog comments will win a prize: a hand-made glass heart from Steider Studios.

Here are some of your choices if you guess what the photo is, but I will make any color you want…… do you know what I photographed?  Tell me in the comments below!

######Edit.  Here is another clue.  It’s a 2nd photo of the same subject taken less than one minute later.  One of you was close, but no right answer yet…..

~~~Congratulations Cyndy Oliver who correctly guessed snow falling at night.  You can see her answer, #28 in the comments.  Below is the full photo #2 where you can see the trees.  Taken last night when the snow was streaming down, over an inch an hour, backlit by our deck light.  Thanks for playing along everyone, hope it was as fun for you as it was for me!!!


24 ~ 365: Filled and Ready

Fresh bird seed for our feathered friends, wood stacked & ready to load, just in time for fresh flurries of snow.

23 ~ 365: Making the Right Choice

I followed part of the Lewis and Clark path along the Columbia River at The Dalles looking for birds.  Which is the best photo for my day?

I can’t choose just one.   I was amazed my point & shoot camera can zoom and focus from so far away.

And I was thrilled to find a heron!  He posed for about 80 pictures!!  It’s taken hours to narrow down just the heron shots.

He remained long enough for me to try a couple different camera settings.

It’s another beautiful day in my neighborhood…….well, just down the river anyway.  Wish I could go out and play everyday.

22~365: Fresh Bouquet

During the summer months my garden provides fresh flowers for color and ambience indoors.  This time of year we buy flowers when we buy groceries.  I believe life is better with fresh flowers, fresh fruit & veggies, and fresh art.  Every day.