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173 ~ 365: Morning Glow


172 ~ 365: Pacific Coast Iris

171 ~ 365: Epicenter

170 ~ 365: Goldfinch

169 ~ 365: Peak Iris Bloom!

168 ~ 365: Waiting for the Designers…

…at the National Kitchen and Bath Association meeting.

My display is up & ready!

167 ~ 365: Fun Time at the Feeder

166 ~ 365: Just as Pretty as the Boys

165 ~ 365: Museum of Glass Mobile Hot Shop Team…

…made a vase with flowers for me, based on my nephew’s drawing!  They’re spending the week at Maryhill Museum.  Hurry, you only have until Saturday to see them.

Adding a design line after the lip wrap.  Watching the team was mesmerizing!  We couldn’t leave.

I pick up the vase after it anneals overnight.  Thanks Team…Heather, Rich, and Becka.  You can learn more about the mobile hot shop here.

I’ll have a more extensive write-up on my Steider Studios blog at a later date!

164 ~ 365: Peacock at Maryhill Museum