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I have always loved glass. It didn’t occur to me that I could work with it as a medium until a friend introduced me to kilnformed glass in 1996. After 20 years as a fiber artist, I sold my studio contents to take up my newfound ‘glass passion’. Color is an essential part of my work, as is having fun and taking time to play with this versatile medium. Nature is my primary source for inspiration, and my garden a close second.  I like working in series to fully explore every color combination and direction that can be taken for any given concept.

Full moon in Taurus

Steider Studios.Full Moon 11.6.14


Blue Dragonfly at Conboy Wildlife Refuge

Steider Studios: Blue Dragonfly at Conboy Wildlife Refuge

August SuperMoon

Steider Studios.Full Super.Moon.8.10.14

Full August Moon

Steider Studios.Full Moon.8.9.14

Great Blue Heron Flies Across Mill Pond

Steider Studios:  Great Blue Heron in Flight Over Mill Pond

Baby Osprey in the Columbia River Gorge

Steider Studios.Best Baby Osprey 6.23.14

Full ~Honey~ Moon on Friday the 13th, June 2014

Steider Studios:  Full 'Honey' Moon

Red-breasted Sapsucker in Birch Tree

Steider Studios:  Red-breasted Sapsucker in Birch Tree

Empty Nest at Tualatin Nature Park

Steider Studios:  Fledge

Osprey Pair at Bingen Marina

Steider Studios:  Bingen Marina Osprey Pair