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Firs in Fog


57 ~ Into the Mist-ic

44 ~ 365: More Wildlife?

Inspired by Toni’s cow photo, but hers is prettier!

42 ~ 365: Still Cloudy With Sun

41 ~ 365: Gray Skies, Nothing but Gray Skies

28 ~ 365: Still Winter – Gray Skies, No Leaves

18 ~ 365: Above the Clouds

Another day with too many photo choices to decide on.  I went for a hike down the mountain with the idea of capturing the clouds rolling through the Gorge & found lots of additional photo ops.  This is my favorite of the cloud shots with a warming filter applied.  More photos will be posted on my garden blog tonight if you’d like  to see them.

8 ~ 365: Another Gray Day in the Gorge…

….at the Hood River Marina.

5~ 365: Misty Orchard

Another cloudy day….

I couldn’t decide which shot I liked best but narrowed it down to these three.

Which do you like best?  Formal (at the top), heavy dark tree trunk at the left (center) or the (bottom) photo that falls between the two?