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Frog Jumps Out of Spout


The story begins….




…and ends.



165 ~ 365: Museum of Glass Mobile Hot Shop Team…

…made a vase with flowers for me, based on my nephew’s drawing!  They’re spending the week at Maryhill Museum.  Hurry, you only have until Saturday to see them.

Adding a design line after the lip wrap.  Watching the team was mesmerizing!  We couldn’t leave.

I pick up the vase after it anneals overnight.  Thanks Team…Heather, Rich, and Becka.  You can learn more about the mobile hot shop here.

I’ll have a more extensive write-up on my Steider Studios blog at a later date!

164 ~ 365: Peacock at Maryhill Museum

159 ~ Don’t Even Think About It!

154 ~ 365: Robin’s Egg Blue

142 ~ 365: Saturday Market in Hood River

131 ~ 365: EEEEEK!!!

53 ~ 365: Liquified Stringer

Thanks Faye!  Photographing all supplies for the upcoming Middle School Glass Mobile Project & had a little fun with these:

Above is using Photoshop’s Liquify filter & below is just twirling the camera while taking the shot.

Last photo is the real deal:

25 ~ 365: Guess

Have a little fun…guess what this is…go ahead I dare you!  The first person to guess correctly in the blog comments will win a prize: a hand-made glass heart from Steider Studios.

Here are some of your choices if you guess what the photo is, but I will make any color you want…… do you know what I photographed?  Tell me in the comments below!

######Edit.  Here is another clue.  It’s a 2nd photo of the same subject taken less than one minute later.  One of you was close, but no right answer yet…..

~~~Congratulations Cyndy Oliver who correctly guessed snow falling at night.  You can see her answer, #28 in the comments.  Below is the full photo #2 where you can see the trees.  Taken last night when the snow was streaming down, over an inch an hour, backlit by our deck light.  Thanks for playing along everyone, hope it was as fun for you as it was for me!!!