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Firs in Fog


Swallowtail on Fir Tree

Storm Damage

I’ve Looked at Clouds From Both Sides Now…

150 ~ 365: Blooming Dogwood

112 ~ 365: Cherry Blossoms

105 ~ 365: Waiting for the Wind to Stop…

Photographing objects around my house while waiting for the wind to stop so I can play in the garden.  This is a box-cast tree I did a few years ago when Bullseye Glass introduced the technique.  It’s 9.5″ x 14″ & weighs about 30 pounds.

104 ~ 365: Emerging Orchard

86 ~ 365: It’s Spring Somewhere….

…At the Hood River Museum!

Bees were out in force!

31 ~ 365: Blue Sky!

This afternoon while watching the clouds roll in and out (from my studio, yes I have to work today!) I caught some fantastic images of the sun coming in and out from behind the clouds.  Hope you enjoy!