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Empty Nest at Tualatin Nature Park

Steider Studios:  Fledge


Triple Treat

Steider Studios:  Pileated Woodpecker with Three Babies

Cinnamon Teal at Ridgefield National Wildlife Refuge

Steider Studios:  Cinnamon Teal


You can see a few more photos on my Facebook page album.

Geese with Goslings on the Columbia River

Steider Studios:  Geese with Goslings

Osprey in Flight Over Columbia River, Columbia River Gorge

Steider Studios:  Osprey.InFlight.4.18.14

Egret Fishing in Gilbert Riparian

Steider Studios:  Riparian Egret

Goose in Flight from New Years Day

Steider Studios.Goose in Flight

Heron Roosts in Tree Along Klickitat River

Steider Studios:  Heron in Tree.12.31.13

Juvenile Bald Eagle in Flight along the Columbia River

Steider Studios:  Juvenile Eagle in Flight.12.29.13

Hawk in Flight

Steider Studios:  Hawk in Flight