Monthly Archives: February 2010

59 ~ 365: Mt. Defiance

The old-timers tell us to not plant our gardens before the snow is fully melted off Mt. Defiance.  Don’t plant yet!!


58 ~ 365: Border Crossing

57 ~ Into the Mist-ic

56 ~ Bambi…

Mama’s teaching him to eat my garden!

They didn’t stay long when they saw me!

55~Old Market Pub

I was a panelist for the Oregon Glass Guild this evening, speaking about booth set up, marketing & art sales for the upcoming Glass Gallery in Portland.  This is where they treated us to dinner before the meeting.  Thanks again OGG, for a fun night of discussion & sharing.

54 ~ 365: Mallard

The seasonal pond at the end of my road is home to a pair of Mallards every year.

53 ~ 365: Liquified Stringer

Thanks Faye!  Photographing all supplies for the upcoming Middle School Glass Mobile Project & had a little fun with these:

Above is using Photoshop’s Liquify filter & below is just twirling the camera while taking the shot.

Last photo is the real deal:

52 ~ 365: Mt. Adams

A gorgeous day for a hike down the road to view our other mountain, Mt. Adams.  Met some neighbors hiking the other way along the road.

51 ~ 365: Heart Wall Pocket

It’s still February, the month of Hearts so I thought I’d combine photos I need for work and my 365 blog.  The pocket above, made from recycled window glass, is heart shaped with a bas relief heart design on the front and a copper hanger.  Watch for these wall pockets in my 1000 Markets shop and possibly in the press.  Thanks Renee!

50 ~ 365: Mt. Hood Morning