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Full moon in Taurus

Steider Studios.Full Moon 11.6.14


August SuperMoon

Steider Studios.Full Super.Moon.8.10.14

Baby Osprey in the Columbia River Gorge

Steider Studios.Best Baby Osprey 6.23.14

Full ~Honey~ Moon on Friday the 13th, June 2014

Steider Studios:  Full 'Honey' Moon

Red-breasted Sapsucker in Birch Tree

Steider Studios:  Red-breasted Sapsucker in Birch Tree

Shall We Dance?

Steider Studios:  Osprey mating.1


Turkey Vulture ~ Columbia River Gorge

Steider Studios:  Turkey Vulture

Happy Earth Day

Steider Studios:  Epimedium

Osprey in Flight Over Columbia River, Columbia River Gorge

Steider Studios:  Osprey.InFlight.4.18.14

Please Vote for this Sunset

Steider Studios:  Sun Setting.2.28.14

I entered my ‘Sun Setting Over the Columbia River Gorge’ photo in the Daily Depiction of Nature weekly challenge.  I would be ever so grateful if you’ll take a moment and vote for it.  Here’s the link:    http://dailydepiction.com/nature/?page_id=396

It’s a quick & easy vote.  You can only vote once.  Thank you!!